We are a small family-kennel, situated in Itegem, Belgium.
Together with my dogs, we live in a remote farm, where they have all the space they need to cover their needs.
When they don't feel like being very active, they stay inside the house, always together as a pack. They only get seperated during feeding.

Health within the breed has always been of great importance to me, and because of my work in an animal hospital, it has only becme more important.
Every dog that is used for breeding, is health tested clear for:
  • Heart (through ultrasound)
  • Patella (manual test and x-ray)
  • Hearing (BAER-test)
  • Kidney's: UPC (through labwork)  
                   PKD (trough ultrasound &  DNA)
  • LAD (through DNA)
Take your time to look around and meet my dogs.
Enjoy the breed that has been the center of my live for years.

Hopefully you enjoy visiting Cyalo's website!

                                                                                        Regards, Nicky


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