Ch. Nosrettap Celtic
  Star At Kilacabar
Ch. Lord Of
  The Timar
   Ch. Hoza
Hanka Timar
  Ch. Moonflower
Doky Kings Master
Ch. Nosrettap Ring Of Fire Of Kilacabar
Ch. Moonflower
  House Regina
Ch. Cosmopolitan
   It Isn't Magic
  Oky Doky
Miss Holland

Ch. Special Edition
Of Serious Desire
  Ultimate Joy's
Something Special
     Ch. Waltzing
Matilda's Yarrawonga
     Oky Doky
Attractive Orchid

My single line text
The Beloved Emperor
    Of Pretty Pinks
   Ch. Catharina Van
De Burcht  Der Komieken

   Grisse Basse
   Day Dreamer